Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christmas Polish Exchange!!

I am catching up on reading through blogs that I follow and yesterday, Nicole at MagicXMaid posted details about the Christmas Polish Exchange (click for more info)! What a cool idea and it sure does bring back memories from many years ago of secret Santa's and whatnot. :o) Don't forget to join!! The deadline is Sept. 14th.

Anyways, what am I doing posting so early? Well it's the first day of school and due to the awful parking policies this year, I decided I better get in early before all the undergrads start creating havoc. I haven't been in my office this early since last summer, and it's actually kind of creepy. The phone keeps ringing and when I pick up it's the dial tone. *sigh* I just looked at my new manicure for today, which I will post later tonight if I get a chance, and it's already chipping. I wanted to paint them a more neutral color but I couldn't resist spicing it up with some flair.

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