Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recent NOTDs with RBL

While I was sorting out my collection, I was playing around with some of my polishes and I randomly selected to paint them RBL's Dead Calm...and then I topped it off with Nfu-Oh! 52. I have to say, it's quite amazing to look at, esp. in the sun. The only problem I had with this manicure was taking it off...Dead Calm stains like something terrible and if I didn't have the Zoya-Remove+, the flakies would have been harder to get off!

I did the manicure below to go watch Harry Potter 6 in the theater. I visited the RBL store last month and I stumbled upon a red cream nail polish with gold shimmer and I immediately thought Gryfinndor! (yes, I'm a nerd). I was curious b/c I had never heard of this color before and so I asked if it was a new color, but found out it was a discontinued color that isn't up on their website. It's called Noisette and it has pretty good application.

And lastly, this is my current manicure, Purple Haze. It does a relatively good job of covering up the staining from the Dead Calm.

I have concluded weeding out my collection is harder than I thought...I am having trouble with the thought of possibly parting with some of them even though I've never used them and probably won't ever wear them. I have about 50 so far that I am willing to part with so I might just go ahead and post those tomorrow.

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Lucy said...

I don't know how you can get ride of any of them. You have great will power. Love these RBL's especially Purple Haze. They are some gorgeous colors.

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