Monday, May 18, 2009

How to: Eat an Artichoke with lemon butter

How to eat an artichoke: Steps taken apart

1.) Trim off all the sharp points with scissors 
and then boil in water with garlic and bay leaves for 30-40 minutes...
or until the petals come off easily

2.) Drain artichoke and time to eat! 
Peel each petal off when you are ready to eat.

3.) The white/grey meaty part of the artichoke
 is what you eat, not the entire leaf 
(you will notice that the petal is very tough)

4.) Dip in some lemon garlic butter
To prepare, melt some butter with a little bit of the water the artichokes were cooked in, add in the cooked garlic, and add lemon juice.

5.) Place the end of the petal in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth. (basically scrape off the meaty flesh with your teeth)

6.) Throw away the rest of the petal as it is inedible. Continue steps 3-5 until you reach...(see next picture)

7.) Keep peeling away and eating the artichoke meat until this point.
You will notice that the petals are thinner and sharp. Do not eat this part and throw away the remaining thin petals.
8.) Here we have the choke, another inedible part of the artichoke! 
It is furry and must be scraped off to reveal the Heart of the Artichoke
9.) The most delicious and valued part of the artichoke!!
 (the part above the stem without the choke= Artichoke Heart)

10.) Dip the artichoke heart into dippin' sauce and enjoy!


Kae said...

I love artichokes! I always get double hearts because my husband hates them, lucky me. I'm craving one right now, and I like your trashcan :D

Grace said...

Thanks! My trashcan is actually an old popcorn tin I got from a friend. I love artichokes too, so when my friend was wondering how to eat an artichoke, I decided to do a little tutorial on it.

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