Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blue, blue and more blue!!

Blue is my favorite color...so I guess it explains why this color dominates my ever growing nail polish collection. I decided to do swatches on all of them to find similarities and whatnot. Enjoy!

Nail polish ID is left to right, pointer to pinky (1-4).  

P.S. Sorry in advance for some of the blurry pictures and messy nails! Most of these colors are much prettier in real life.

1.) Zoya: Indigo Dark- dark blue with multi-color glitter
2.) Opi: Russian Navy- dark blue with purple/red shimmer
3.) Lancome Le Vernis: Midnight Glam- dark blue with a hint of purple
4.) Chanel: Blue Satin- dark, almost black blue

1.) China Glaze: Bermuda Breakaway- indigo blueish purple
2.) Essie: Aruba Blue- it's that dark blue on cell phones, I will have to try to get a better picture of it in the future
3.) Misa: A Sin Worth Committing- Another dark blue with blue shimmer
4.) Zoya: Kotori- very sheer teal/blue glitter with a black base

1.) China Glaze: Shower Together- An aqua blue cream
2.) Nfu-Oh : NFU 53- Blue shimmer plus flakes that change color depending on the angle the light hits it, ranges from yellow, green, red to purple
3.) Zoya: Tallulah- summery blue with a flash of purple and blue shimmer
4.) Del Sol: Rock Star- A bright blue glitter that changes to green in the sun!

1.) Misa: Blue over a Boy- A robin egg blue
2.) Essie: Shelter Island- creamy blue
3.) China Glaze: Bahamian Escape- Light blue
4.) China Glaze: For audrey- Tiffany's Blue

1.) Del Sol: Electrick- A blue frost that changes to a pale green in the sun
2.) Essie: Barbados Blue- A very light frosty blue
3.) China Glaze: Kaleidoscope Him Out- holographic light blue
4.) Opi: Go on Green!- a sheer light blue with green shimmer

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