Monday, May 18, 2009

food science...a little background

I recently realized how the general public does not know/understand things that I have taken for granted regarding food. Since I have decided to start a blog revolving around my interests, I feel a little obligated to do some public awareness regarding food safety. I don't know how many people will end up reading this blog, or the information I present will be things you already know or don't know. 

Anyways before I begin with my first topic, I might as well give a little background about myself. I have always had a passion for food. Now before you think the only thing I love to do is eat (which I do), I should also explain this statement a little more. I have no hesitation to try new foods, as I will try anything at least once...except don't expect me to eat anything that looks like a bug (I will gladly admit that I have an awful case of insectophobia!) Also, I love learning about anything food related. So with that in mind, I was very lucky to stumble upon something in my undergraduate career that fit my passion for food completely. Thanks to a bunch of significant people, I stepped out of the box (and medicine, which I had been preparing for over 5 years) to pursue food science. 

So what exactly is food science? No, it is not spending time feeding animals nor is it about nutrition, which is related to how the body uses food after we ingest them to promote and maintain our health. The definition quotted from a textbook is: "Food science is the scientific study of raw food materials and their behvaior during formulation, processing, packaging, storage and evaluation as a consumer of products. It is concerned with all quality and safety aspects of foods before a person consumes them". Within food science, there are many fields that range from food engineering to food microbiology to sensory analysis to product development...and many others!  

Anyways to sum it all up, I enjoy learning every single aspect about food (which is probably too much information for most people). Since my background is microbiology and molecular genetics, it was quite an easy decision for me to do graduate work in food safety...mainly food microbiology. With that said and without further ado, welcome to the food safety aspect of my blog. 

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