Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's been awhile...are you still there?

Hello! Long time no see! I'm not too sure if anybody still reads my blog anymore, especially since I haven't had proper time to devote to this blog. Since I last posted, a lot has happened. Here's a brief update:

I'm still in graduate school, but now I'm a doctorate student! I officially defended my Masters of Science thesis and degree (I can now put Grace, MS), passed my doctorate preliminary exams, and I am presenting at an international conference later this summer (which I am extremely nervous about since public speaking wigs me out)! I have also gotten into photography as a hobby after buying a DSLR camera as a reward for myself after my MS degree. Hopefully with this new camera, I can take tons of nice pictures of my nails :)

Unfortunately at the moment, my nails are in a very sad shape since they've been neglected. I resorted to the Sally Hansen nail stickers for a few weeks, and my nails haven't stopped peeling since. (refer to figure 1)

Figure 1: State of Grace's Nails

So what does this mean for my blog? I hope to return to posting as soon as I can, but I have decided I might need to clear out the closet yet again of old nail polishes that I never use anymore. Would anybody be interested? Please comment at my new site:

See you soon!

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