Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grace's 2009 Top 20: #19

2009 Top 20:
#19.) Nfu-Oh! #52

This is one of the amazing flakey nail polishes by Nfu-Oh! This one is very similar to #51, which is said to be similar to the coveted Clarins 230 except with flakies. I did not choose to feature #51 just because let's be honest, blues and greens are my favorite colors and #52 packs a pretty punch with the blue/green/purple duo-chromeness plus all the flakey goodness (and of course I'm not making up any new words...) This is over a black cream polish, and like any glitter or flakey nail polish, is a PITA (pain in the... butt) to remove. But this is easily overlooked as it is hard to resist the sheer awesomeness of the shimmer, flakes, and color...and not to mention very cool looking bottle.

And now we must take a break from the countdown...
which will continue after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
Please have a safe and wonderful holiday with friends and family!!
And happy shopping on black Friday if you go out!


gildedangel said...

That looks stunning! *wipes up drool from keyboard*

Grace said...

glideangel- hehe...*hands you a tissue* :)

Lucy said...

Just gorgeous. I need a tissue also!

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