Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't believe it's June!

I find myself so amazed at how fast time flies. I really can't believe it's June already. Anyways, I thought I would post a picture of a few nail polishes I acquired recently. I hope you enjoy! All three of these colors is 3 coats and picture is with flash.

Pointer is Essie: St Lucia Lilac
Middle finger is Essie: St Barth's Blue
Ring finger is Essie: St Martin Mint
Pinky is naked... 

The St Lucia Lilac that I have seems to be different from the others in the label is different(blue vs the black) and I had the chance to compare them. The St Lucia Lilac that is pictured here, I acquired from the Ulta near where I live. At the time, I did not realize I already had a St Lucia Lilac (see, I really need to clean out my polish collection b/c I seem to have duplicates without realizing it!). Anyhow, the one with the black label has a more pink/mauve hue, with more obvious silver shimmer whereas this blue label one is more purple/blueish (if that makes sense) and not so obvious shimmer. They are both a very light purple and very pretty. 

On another note regarding my cleaning out, I have concluded that it might be more cost efficient to just toss out certain nail polishes rather than mailing them all out (yes, I can hear all the *gasps of horror* now). I am wondering if it is better to just "cut the losses" right now, before I spend more money. I would love for all these colors I'll never wear to go to good homes, but the reality is the fact that the hassle of shipping them and the shipping cost seem to not be worth it. I feel like I am paying a lot of money just to get rid of certain nail polishes even though the quickest way would be to just toss them. If anyone has any good ideas on how to efficiently clear up a nail polish collection, let me know! 


Mary said...

I love the lilac shade, very pretty! You could try using one of the flat rate boxes from USPS. There's a good sized one for $9.00 appx. and a smaller one that runs $4.00 something. Theie website shows you the sizes and prices.

Grace said...

Thanks Mary, I'll definitely have to look into that!

Brooke said...

GASP!!!! OMG!! You have Essie St. Martin Mint!!??? I have been on a year long (ok, not THAT long, lol) search for it. Where did you find yours at?

Also I have a great idea on a good way to get rid of your nail polishes at NO charge to you. Have whoever wants the polish you are giving away pay for their own postage. Do you have a paypal account set up? that would be the easiest way I would think. And what polishes are you trying to get rid of? I might be interested in a few, of course I would be willing to pay for my own postage :)

Grace said...

Brooke- I sent you an email regarding this :o)

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