Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obsession No. 1: Nail Polish

About a month ago, I started getting sucked into the world of nail polish. My collection of a meager 4 bottles quickly grew into more than 70 bottles of nail polish over the course of 3 weeks. How was it possible that my nail polish stash grew like bacteria? I think the answer is stress related along with the fact that reading the many blogs about nail polish opened a can of worms.  Being who I am, I am very prone to seeking out products that are more unique than the norm...

Anyways I digress, this quickly brought up many challenges such as draining my wallet and lack of space to keep all of them. So my first post will be about nail polish storage. After searching for the past few weeks for the ideal storage (cute, space saving, sturdy and can hold a lot) answer was found at Michaels along with Target. I purchased the mini 3 drawer unit at Michaels and then proceeded to sand and cover it with contact paper purchased at Target. 

Ta da! Here is my little nail polish storage, less than a foot wide and 18 inches tall. Stay tuned for what lies within the drawers...

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