Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I've been up to the past couple of weeks....

Today's manicure was Sally Hansen's Garnet Lapis. After a day of wear, it is actually pretty chippy. The duochrome-ness of this polish looks pretty sweet in the 80 degree weather outside. The first picture is with flash, and the 2nd is without. It flashes teal, blue and purple.
A few weeks ago, I did a comparison of some of the similar polishes to Essie Starry Starry Night (one of my biggest lemmings to date).
Well here we have (pointer to pinky): Chanel Ciel De Nuit, Sephora Blue Sapphire, Essie Starry Starry Night, CM Midnight Imposter. First picture is in the sun while the second one is indoors with flash.
Chanel Ciel De Nuit is a grayer version of Essie SSN with the same finish (finer glitter etc). Sephora Blue Sapphire has similar sized glitter to CM Midnight Imposter, but as you can see in the picture, CM's MI is a dark black blue base.

Anyways after obtaining Essie SSN, I have been quite busy with work, school, TAing...and the state fair. Over the past week, I've had to drive the ice cream over to the booth.
Behold...200 tubs of ice cream that sells out in a day!! This is the back of th 15 seater van that I have to drive.
Back view, and not all the things we had to move. The other two stockers also had to drive their own cars to help cart over all the boxes.

So other than shuttling ice cream to the state fair, I tried out some old and new foods. Being from Michigan, I had to try EVERYTHING last year, but this year I have limited my fried foods intake.
Fried alligator on a stick...actually does taste like chicken.

Fried pickle chips...I was told these taste better than spears but in my opinion, they taste nothing in comparison to how good spears taste. The chips were too salty and sour and not exactly crunchy.
Mm..fried pickles. I have to say though, after sharing both sets of pickles, I got pretty sick of fried pickles after the 2nd spear.
And we have fried bacon...I thought this was chicken wrapped in bacon, then fried. But then I found out from a friend that it's actually the way it's fried...i.e. chicken fried steak.
And meet Hibachi, my pet goldfish we won at the fair.

And the cute chickies and duckies!!....the chicks were being raised for Chick-fil-A.

And we have chocolate dipped bacon. I think this would be better if the bacon was actually crispy, but this one was kind of soggy so it ended up being pretty gross.

And at the end of each day of fair, they do fireworks.
Have a great weekend!!


Kae said...

I love the prism colors! I still have yet to find one at a dollar store or anything, someday.

The fair looks so fun, I have never heard of fried pickles! I would eat anything fried tho lol.

Grace said...

Haha...even fried butter? That apparently is the new thing this year. I couldn't find the stand to take a picture though...

Lucy said...

Looks like you had a terrific time. Is your goldfish still alive?

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