Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nicole nail polish from TJMaxx

I picked up these 3 Nicole polishes at TJMaxx last weekend. These are all black based nail polishes with glitter. The glitter in the bottle has a duochrome effect, which unfortunately does nto translate once you paint it onto your nails. In the bottle, Blues in the Night flashes a teal blue to purple; Black to the Future looks really cool in the bottle flashing magenta, dark purple, gold, green; and then Turn Out the Lights is a green to gold glitter (not that exciting but it's still pretty).
Left to right: Blues in the Night, Black to the Future, Turn out the Lights
I posted the same nails with two different bottles to try to capture the colors in the bottle. I am not entirely sure you can see the shades of the glitter, but it was worth a shot.


Lucy said...

What a shame you don't get that effect. I love the polish colors. Your nails look lovely!

Grace said...

Thanks! I know, I was so bummed that the multiple colored glitter didn't translate onto the nail.

Kathryn said...

I saw them at Marshalls in packages of two with another 'normal' Nicole polish for $6.99. I've never used it before, so I didn't pick it up. Would you say it's worth $3.50 a bottle?

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