Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some pretties... :)

I have a terrible lemming for Essie Starry Starry I thought I would kill my lemming by getting a similar dupe for it. Unfortunately it did nothingi to soothe my lemming but it's still gorgeous and doesn't really need an introduction.
The first coat goes on a very greyish, barely blue jelly with glitter. The brush was kind of stiff, but I guess that's expected since this polish is from ages ago. The "magical" part of this polish is that when you put the 2nd coat on, it became a deep blue/grey jelly with glitter. I paid a hefty price for this baby, but I keep telling myself that it's not the most expensive liquid per mL that I use (granted work related stuff isn't my personal money).
Can you guess what liquid costs $3K/mL??

Anyways, moving away from my most expensive bottle of nail polish and onto some others. Aside from Essie SSN, NARS Zulu is another one I wish I could get my hands on..a dark green jelly! And since my favorite color is blue, I am also on the hunt for a dark blue jelly, which I think I have found. I first saw Illamasqua's Propaganda on Brooke's blog (Getcha Nails Did) and I knew I had to get something similar to it. So I first got Nfu Oh! 119.
This is pretty but for some reason I was still lemming after a few months, I decided to take the plunge and buy it, along with a few others that are only sold overseas. Propaganda is a darker blue jelly than 119.
Next we have Illamasqua Rampage, which I somehow managed to snag from Sephora before it was sold out again. It's actually a bit darker green than seen in the picture.
Another green, which in real life is like the "green" in the Crayola crayon box. It's a very bright true green.
Illamasqua Fern is next...a shimmery bright sky blue.
Then there's Illamasqua Baptiste...
and then Phallic...makes me giggle. hehehe. It reminds me of other dark blue shimmers I have so it's on the chopping block.
And lastly, Illamasqua Lament, which is a flamingo/coral cream. I think I like RBL's Coral better...

Well, I'm pretty sure the next post will be purge 2. I just have to get motivation to take some pictures...which I seem to lack when I get home. I don't even have my nails painted b/c I don't want to sport chipped nail polish due to the fact that I'm too lazy to change polish frequently :( After being at work for 11 hours, I just feel like vegetating when I get home....


The Asian Girl said...

LOL you're not the only one! I actually wanted CdN first (ever since I was 12) but figured it was harder to find than SSN, but sure enough (and an empty wallet later), I have CdN but I'm still hellbent on getting SSN!

Grace said...

I am too (still really really want SSN)! It's really strange though. A few months ago, I wanted SSN but it wasn't a serious lemming until it was the one I got swaplifted for...and now I even dream about it (a sign I'm slowly going a bit crazy...) Hopefully one of these days we'll both get it!!

enamoredenamel said...

those illa's are pretty too bad we cant get em up here in canada

Lucy said...

Those polishes are absolutely insane gorgeous! They are going on my list of "wants" now. I do have Rampage, Phallic, Baptiste and Lament. What's the name of the Crayola green? They look beautiful on you.

Grace said...

Enamoredenamel- That really stinks! You can't get them shipped from the main site, or just from Sephora?

Lucy- Thanks! Oops, I guess I was so excited I forgot to mention the name. The Crayola green one is Elope.

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