Saturday, August 29, 2009

MAC Jin Soon

Like true fashion, I always try to swing by MAC when they release a collection that has a nail polish in its collection. I picked up a few colors that were a bit more interesting in my opinion. All pictures are 2 coats with flash.

First up is Beyond Jealous. It's a very dark blueish green...that looks so dark it looks black. I managed to catch the blueish hues with this picture.

Next up is Dance All Night. It is a brick red and looks a little bit streaky with 2 coats, but I am pretty sure it will be opaque with 3 coats.

And lastly, I picked up Dry Martini just to try this dirty olive green again..that has been described as baby poo. To my surprise, I actually like this one a lot better than RBL's No More War, which is a bit more yellow than brown.


Stephanie said...

hmm, my favorite would have to be the olive shade, which is really surprising! =]

Lucy said...

I so want this color! All of them look lovely on you. Each time I look at these polishes they look better. That's dangerous because the next step is ordering.

flinty said...

I am so impatiently waiting for my Dirty Martini to arrive!! It looks great on you, I think.

Grace said...

Stephanie: I know, right? I thought I would hate it just like I didn't like the other olive greens but I actually liked this one.

Lucy: Thanks! I know what you mean, especially with the free shipping!!

Flinty: Thanks! I hope you get yours soon!!

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