Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I see Red....

I have seen many pictures of Essie Ruby Slippers and I instantly had a lemming...I already had China Glaze- Ruby Pumps but since I didn't find a side by side comparison of the two, I went ahead and splurged on evilbay and bought Essie Ruby Slippers. So without further ado since I'm on a quick lunch break, I bring you a side by side comparison of the two Rubies: Pointer and Ring finger are China Glaze Ruby Pumps; Middle and pinky fingers are Essie Ruby Slippers.

As you can kind of see from the pictures, ChG is a finer, golder glitter while the glitter in Essie's is bigger and a darker red. They are both very beautiful but I might end up selling/swapping one of them away. Have a great day!!


Stephanie said...

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I just started reading your blog. =]

I have the China Glaze one, but I'm totally loving the glittery Essie one!

Grace said...

Hi Stephanie!
Nice to meet you!! Welcome to my blog! :)The Essie is very pretty.

Lucy said...

I have the China Glaze. The Essie is also very pretty. Wish it was still available.

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