Monday, July 6, 2009

Nails for the next two weeks

I am using this week to make my nails as pretty as they can be "naked" since I have to be quite professional next week. They are somewhat stained from previous swatching and some nail polish just won't come off my cuticles.

Here is Rescue Beauty Lounge: Clear Pink
I think I am going to post some pictures later on this week of other polishes I own that I have swatched in the past couple of weeks (but haven't gotten around to posting yet). I also have a bunch of newly acquired polishes that I can't wait to share with you, but those will have to wait until end of next week as I will be out of town. If I don't get around to posting before I leave, feel free to look through my photos on the side of my blog. I finally got all 100+ pictures of the nail polishes I have owned or own posted!!
Have a great week!!


Kae said...

You have such pretty nails!

Angie said...

RBL does amazing neutrals too? Sweet! RBL is SO the first brand I am getting my hands on once I get a credit card and a paypal account of my own!

Also, I nominated you for an award.

Lucy said...

It's a very sheer color buy really pretty on you. RBL has so many gorgeous colors.

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