Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back!!

I finally have some time to update!! I just got back from Texas and it sure makes 90 degrees feel like nothing. Anyways, over the past couple weeks I've accumulated a bunch of polishes. The pictures in this post are older colors...some hard to find ones! Enjoy!!
1.) China Glaze- OMG. Silver holographic nail polish.

2.) China Glaze- Ruby Pumps

3.) China Glaze- Blue Island Iced Tea

and then some hard to find colors...

4.) China Glaze- Emerald Sparkle

5.) Opi- Black Tie Optional, it's hard to tell in this picture but it's a tri-chrome nail polish.
Purple with flashes of olive greenish yellow, red and purple.

6.) Essie- Barbuda Banana

Also, I would like to thank Angie for nominating me for the Adorable Blog Award! Stay tuned for Nfu-Oh and a few others.


Kae said...

Welcome back! :D

Lucy said...

You bought a nice collection of polish. I love Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps. The holo is gorgeous. China Glaze makes some amazing polishes. I'm having difficulty posting a comment. First only part of the word verification came up. There was no scroll bar. I clicked on the actual Word Verification and it came up. Then there was no post comment button. There was an edge of the Edit and I clicked on that to write this. I hop I can somehow get this posted.

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