Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glitters and opinions?

One of the nail polishes I have been lemming after for a long time is Essie: Starry Starry Night. I ended up swapping a bunch of hard to find nail polishes trying to get it...but ended up getting swaplifted..yah, the girl disappeared and no package ever showed up :( So in trying to find it, I bought a few colors that are said to be similar to it.

1.) Sephora- Blue Sapphire

2.) Cm: Midnight Imposter

And then a few other glitter nail polishes I have received in swaps...
3.) NARS: Arabesque. Pink glitter nail polish

4.) Anna Sui: 214. Purple glitter nail polish that smells like roses after it dries

5.) Anna Sui: 106. Light blue holographic glitter nail polish that smells like roses once dry

On another note, I have been debating about selling off a bunch of my nail polish. I am not too fond of selling them on ebay and I don't have enough swap tokens on MUA to sell on nbmarketplace. I was thinking of selling them on this blog but I am not too sure that many people that would be interested in them. It seems to be a waste to just throw them out, so I was wondering on your opinons? I wouldn't mind putting them up for adoption as long as shipping/handling are paid for.
Thanks in your advance!!


Kae said...

Memememememme! Ok but really, I think you might spark some interest if you put them up on your blog.

Lucy said...

I think it would be great to have a swap or sell them on your blog.

Grace said...

Kae and Lucy- Thanks for your opinion. I will definitely think about posting them on my blog!

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