Thursday, June 18, 2009

yay! the weekend is just around the corner...

After feeling kinda bummed earlier today, I did some retail therapy (online though) which made me feel good enough to finish my first draft! yay!! now I just have to wait for edits...but anyways, I am in a better mood and I finally went through my polish collection to make an inventory list.
Click here to see my polish collection.
I am even thinking of being ambitious and taking pictures of all of the polishes and linking images to them as well, but we'll see.
Wow, t's getting late so I'll leave you a picture of what I bought that made me feel better!
Cole Haan platform wedge with Nike Air technology :)
(I have been hunting for a pair of comfy sandals for awhile now since I don't own any sandals other than flip flops. Granted I won't be able to wear these to work, but it doesn't stop my excitement of owning a pair of Cole Haan Heels!!)

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Angie said...

Pretty AND comfy! I like that!

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