Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Went on a little treasure hunt after work..

I have been eyeing the Opi Designer Series for awhile and decided to take the plunge and buy one. So with my $3.50 off coupon for Ulta, I made a little trip over there and found one I liked. I decided to peruse the clearance bins as well and found an electric aroma-bowl that heats up essential oils. After my browsing, I decided that I was done and went to check out...and to my big surprise, the Opi Designer Series nail polish rang up as $2.99!!! After I puchased everything, I asked the girl if there was a sale going on with these that I didn't know about because I would have to buy more. She said she didn't think so but I could go grab another one and see if it also rang up as $2.99...which unfortunately rang up as $12.99. Anyways, here's my little gem:

Opi DS: Fantasy- "A deep, dark blue with magical shimmer" (pictured with flash)


Lucy said...

Wow, that was lucky to get the DS polish so cheap. Shame you didn't get the rest that cheap. Looks pretty on you. I just got this one last week. I've been looking at this for so long and I finally got it. Just love this polish.

Kae said...

Gorgeous! What a great deal on that for 2.99

Brooke said...

this is soooooo pretty!! I love this color and I'm not a huge opi ds fan either. Lucky duck

Grace said...

Lucy- I know, it would have been nice to pick up a bunch of them. Which ones did you get?

Kae- Thanks!

Brooke- Thanks!!

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