Monday, June 8, 2009


I just realized that if I keep posting on all of the polishes I have in a particular color, I will not have many posts. However, being relatively new to collecting nail polishes, I decided that comparisons of nail polishes in a color are very helpful. 
I'll just have to post new colors as I get them. Enjoy! :o) 
All Pictures are with flash labelled pointer to pinky.

1.) Rescue Beauty Lounge- Bruised; MAC- Love & Friendship; Essie- St Lucia Lilac; China Glaze- Visit Me In Prism

2.) L'Oreal Star Magnet- Purple; NARS- Gimme Shelter; MAC- Vin Goth

3.) China Glaze- Coconut Kiss; Nubar- Pasadena Purple; Orly- Plum Noir; Opi- Can You Dig It?

4.) L'Oreal Star Magnet- Magnetic Prune; BB Couture- Maleficent Magneta; Sally Hansen- Alluring

5.) China Glaze- Secret Peri-Wink-Le; Revlon- Not So Blue-Berry

If you were observant, I'm sure you picked up on the more "interesting" nail polishes I have collected...
aka the magnetic nail polish 
(star design due to the iron in the nail polish when held up to the magnet) 
or the blueberry scented nail polish!
What can I say, the unique things really attract my attention!


Kae said...

Love the star magnets! I really like purples, thank you for the swatches they are all beautiful.

Brooke said...

I love the Orly Plum Noir! Great purple collection.

Mary said...

All very pretty! The Essie St. Lucia really caught my eye, though.

Grace said...

Kae- I know! I saw pictures of them and I had to find them. They're so pretty and so much fun. Too bad they're exclusive to Europe. I hope they come out here in the USA.

Brooke- Thanks!

Mary- Thanks! I think you should get it, although Transdesign sent me a pinker version of it

Lucy said...

How pretty they all are. Purples are my favorite. I love Orly's Plum Noir.

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