Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The packages I wasn't expecting... :)

Sometimes I think the best things you get are the ones you weren't expecting. I got home and was feeling kind of bummed that nothing was in my mailbox, but then not half an hour later, the mail man knocked on my door and handed me two packages! Unfortunately only 1 of them is one of the ones that has taken forever...the other one I received in a swap that was shipped on Monday! Talk about super fast shipping!! Anyways, I was so excited about my new polishes I had to do some swatches and take pictures.
1.) Anna Sui 900: A very pale greenish grey shimmer (and smells like roses when it dries)

2.) Anna Sui 702: A olive greenish gold shimmer

3.) and my FAVORITE Anna Sui...111. A peacock blue/green shimmer!

4.) And then we have this one from a swap that took a bit longer to get to me, but totally worth it...all the way from Finland!! L'Oreal Star Magnet Copper


Kae said...

Those Anna Sui polishes are gorgeous, I especially like t hat blue one. The star magnet looks awesome too!

Mary said...

All lovely, and worth the wait! I adore the 111 also, a beautiful shade.

Lucy said...

Those Anna Sui polishes are fantastic. I love the bottle. Plus they have a rose fragrance. That is wild. I love that peacock color on you. The star magnet polish is amazing.

Nicole said...

I have been seeingthose L'Oreal polishes swatched and really loving them! Gorgeous. That peacock shade really is completely lovely.

auroragyps said...

The colors of Anna Sui polish and the bottle design are really awesome. I had one once, butit turns out I'm allergic rose perfume. :( The emptied bottle makes a great bud vase for little flowers though. ;)

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