Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When nail polish reminds me of work...it's not a good sign.

After a lot of going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to cave and buy these, I finally caved. A few of them were what I expected and more...while some kinda made me cringe. As usual, all of these pictures are with flash (for some reason, the color looks more true on my computer this way; I know sunlight is good but the weather's been a bit weird with hurricane season and all). Anyways, enjoy!

1.) Teal- This is 2 coats and is a really pretty color!

2.) Bikini Bottom- 3 coats and it was everything I expected and more! I really love how watery this looks, I think this might be my NOTD for tomorrow!

3.) Stormy- 1 coat...I didn't realize it was a little streaky until after the picture. I'm sure more than 1 coat would even it out. I bought this because I didn't own any grey's prior to this and this was one where the pictures made me want to get it. It does not disappoint...the name really does reflect the weather outside right now!

4.) No More War- 2 coats and when I used a cotton ball with remover, I was reminded of what I work with (**hint** my work involves food borne pathogens that cause gastroenteritis). It is an interesting color, and I'm trying to think of it as split pea soup, but it really isn't working. I think this might have to be swapped for something else...I mean, the last thing I want is my co-workers to think I got some of what I work with under my gloves and then forgot to wash my hands! What do you think? To Keep or Not to Keep?

I have also decided (again) not to buy any more nail polish...this time I mean it! I am pretty sure I have most everything I want except for the hard to find ones. I have a few more RBLs coming to me from swapping on MUA but that is about it. yay!


Mary said...

Bikini Bottom and Stormy are my favorites, although they're all pretty :) That's too funny about the No More War and your job, I can see what you mean!

Lucy said...

I love No More Was and I can imagine what's on your glove. You have a nice selection of RBL.

Brooke said...

LMAO!!!! That would not be a good thing for your co workers to think you've been playing with your work uuummm "supplies"! To funny and I now have a mental image that I could SOOOO do without!

Grace said...

Mary- I agree, they're all pretty and Bikini bottom might be my favorite.

Lucy- Thanks! I don't think the color is for me though...

Brooke- hehe, my co-worker saw the color and was like ewww...it looks so bad when you use a cotton ball and remover. it seriously looks like, you know.

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