Thursday, June 11, 2009

Impatiently waiting for mail...

It is a commonly known fact about me that I am very impatient. Usually it takes a couple days to receive items in the mail after I order them...but sometimes it takes FOREVER!!! (at least it feels like it!) This is never due to the person sending it, but due to the USPS. For instance, it took 4 weeks for me to receive a package from a friend from Michigan (RIDICULOUS!!)... I have been expecting packages for the past 3 weeks...and only 2 came today, and they were the last ones shipped(shipped on Tuesday). I'm still waiting for another 3 which seem to have entered limbo at the post office somewhere.

ANYWAYS, today's packages included my RBLs from a recent swap and the Rescue Your Nails book from Amazon. I have already gone through the book and I highly recommend it!!! It's a great read on nail care and teaches do it yourself manicures/pedicures along with many other things. When she talks about autoclaves I just had to start laughing b/c of my experience with them (it's one of my least favorite lab chores)! Well, here are some pictures of the RBLs I got from my swap. Enjoy!

1.) Ani- A shimmery sheer nude color...with flash.

2.) Sweet Sixteen- creamy pink shimmer...with flash

3.) Grunge- shimmery taupe color...this is the one that is currently out of stock on the RBL website.

When I read about Grunge and saw pictures of it on various blogs, I was curious as to how similar it was to Orly-Country Club Khaki and Opi- You Don't Know Jacques! I couldn't find any good pictures that compared them, so I decided to do my own comparison.

The colors in question...(left to right) Orly- Country Club Khaki, RBL- Grunge, Opi- You Don't Know Jacques! (with flash)

left to right: Opi- YDKJ, RBL- Grunge, Orly- CCK without flash

with flash!

Overall, RBL- Grunge and Orly Country Club Khaki are relatively similar in color. CCK is a little darker brown by a tad while Grunge is lighter with a tinge of silver micro-shimmer.

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Lucy said...

Grunge and Country Club Khaki look pretty similar. They are all gorgeous colors. Look pretty on you. Is it possible for you to not have your watermark on the phot so much? It makes it difficult to really see things clearly. Thank you.

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