Friday, June 5, 2009

Go Green!!

I'm feelin' a bit nostalgic I thought I would post all my greens I have so far! All of the following pictures are with flash, and colors are listed left to right (middle finger to pinky). Enjoy!

1.) Krackpolish Green over white; Nfu Oh 40 over black
It's hard to see the cracks in this picture, but the Krackpolish 'cracks' and you can see the white underneath it! (if you click on it to enlarge it, you can kind of see them better)

2.) NYX- Jungle; China Glaze- Watermelon Rind; China Glaze- He's Going in Circles
All of these were 2 coats.

3.) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails-Emerald City; Zoya- Midori; Zoya- Irene
Kinda Squished picture...oops.

4.) Del Sol- Spike; BB Couture- Laguna Lagoon; Essie- St. Martin Mint
I think I will do a post on all my Del Sols sometime since I bought a bunch of Del Sols a while ago, before the sale...I was upset to say the least when I heard about it :o( 

5.) China Glaze- For Audrey; Essie- Greenport; MAC- Peppermint Patti

6.) BB Couture- Poison Ivy; Rescue Beauty Lounge- Recycle; BB Couture- Green Goblin
Green Goblin is a little greyer than the Recycle.

And then a little nail art I did a few months back that really brings back the nostalgia...

Have a great weekend!!!


Mary said...

I love looking at all the green comparisons, thanks for posting them! Are you a Michigan State fan?

Grace said...

Mary- After I got the BB Couture ones, I had to compare all my greens. And yes, I'm a MSU fan and I was feelin' a bit homesick along with missing my alma mater.

Kae said...

That's a lot of pretty shades, you could say I'm green with envy... aaaaah

Angie said...

OH WOW, you have peppermint patti! <3 Added you to my blog roll.

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