Saturday, June 20, 2009

Del Sol color changing nail polish

I have had these guys plus others for a while now, and I figured I might as well post them. I am a sucker for anything that is unique (like the magnetic nail polishes, scented nail polishes, color changing nail name it!) Anyways, since it's 100 degrees outside plus a high humidity, I did the "expose to sun" part out my window.

Nail polish IDs are pointer to pinky!
1.) Rockstar, Electrick, Spike, Ruby Slipper. Indoors and holding "Spike".

2.) same colors as picture 1 but in sunlight. (It's kind of hard to see, so rockstar changes to a greenish blue glitter, electrick changes to green, spike changes to greyish purple, ruby slipper changes to red.)

3.) Middle finger- Surfer girl; ring finger-sun kissed; pinky- peek-a-boo. Inside holding "Sun-Kissed"

4.) same as picture 3. surfer girl changes to orange, sun kissed changes to reddish orange, and peek-a-boo changes to red


Kae said...

I love all those colors, I think these polishes are amazing! I can'twait to try some out myself.

Mary said...

Those look like fun poishes! I'm a sucker for the scented, color-changing, etc., too. It's more for your money, you not only get nail polish, but you also get some entertainment value out of them:)

Lucy said...

Pretty colors but I'll skip them. I'll enjoy looking at them online instead.

Grace said...

Kae- Thanks! I had a bunch of other ones, but I decided I didn't really need THAT many bottles...but these ones are my favorites so I kept them.

Mary- It's funny how after I got them, a lot more blogs have been posting on them. Since I was still just starting out collecting nail polish, I remember doing the google search of "innovative nail polish" and Del Sol came up.

Lucy- I'm glad to post pictures of them!

Brooke said...

I just got a couple of these as a gift. I can't wait to try mine out, I hope to do it tonight.

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