Monday, June 22, 2009

It smells like flowers!!

Over the past couple months, I have read and collected a bunch of nail polish. A few weeks ago I found out about Anna Sui nail polish when I did a image search for NARS Zulu Dupes...and came across Anna Sui 915 (which is just as equally hard to find as Zulu it appears). Anyways, I found out what is unique about this nail polish is that once it dries, it has a light rose scent. Well, that had me sold and I had to try one...but to my dismay, they aren't sold in the USA. I did a bit more research and after a little more than a month of disappointment and patience, my search for Anna Sui nail polish on google came back as a success. So before the offer disappeared, I quickly ordered the Anna Sui 2008 collection part 1 last Friday from an online store based in Hong Kong. Well, if memory serves me right, today is Monday and look what got delivered today!!!
(All of the following pictures are with flash)

After I ordered the set, I looked at the other sites google had discovered and found a website that had the brown one pictured below....I managed to also snag that one for a whopping TWO ($2.00) dollars AND free shipping from a site based in Australia but shipped from Hong Kong. Apparently getting items from Hong Kong arrive much faster (I mean, I ordered both on Friday night and they arrived today!) than packages from the USA. Frustrating eh? And since I mentioned this sore subject, I have YET to receive the 3 packages... oh well, these Anna Sui nail polishes made my day though. Not only are they cute, they made it smell like I had a vase of roses sitting near by.
Pictured left to right: Anna Sui's 204, 104, 501, 006, 002

Anna Sui 501 (the one I got for $2.00!!! plus free international shipping)

Anna Sui 002 top coat with multicolor glitter

Anna Sui 006: greyish, whiteish, pink/orange duochrome with multicolor glitter

Anna Sui 104: a clear teal with lots of glitter

Anna Sui 204: reminds me of Nubar Pasadena Purple or China Glaze Coconut Kiss...the only difference I think (haven't done a comparison yet!) is the rose scent after it dries.

So as you can see, this brand not only has a unique rose scent but also cute little rose shaped bottles. I can't wait to get some more to add to the collection!!!

Anyways, I figured I might as well give an update on my "project" of taking pictures of all the nail polishes that I own and are listed in the google spread sheet (can be found on the right side of the blog above "labels"). I finished swatching 99.9% of my nail polish collection and took over 700 I just have to go through them all and then integrate them into the spreadsheet. I'll let you know when I finally have it completed!!

Well it's getting kind of late, but a sweet smell just made me remember I wanted to further embellish my post with more floral scented jasmine plant has a tendency to bloom at night and occassionally I will get a strong smell of it. It smells SOO delicious. Unfortunately the flowers fall off in the morning :( So here is a picture of my jasmine plant blooming. Enjoy!!


Kae said...

Wow. Those are so pretty, and I absolutely loooove the bottles how cute is that?! I wish I could smell it tho =x

Mary said...

They have the prettiest bottles! That's great you were finally able to locate some to add to your collection. Your jasmine plant is beautiful and I can imagine the smell!

Brooke said...

Wow, those look really cool!

I like the last one the best.

Lucy said...

I love the smell of the jasmine flower. Those Anna Sui polishes are so adorable. Plus the scent of rose. What's not to like.

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